UK’s Biggest Chip Plant Sold to US Firm Vishay After Government Order

Newport Wafer Fab, UK’s Largest Chip Plant, Sold to US Firm Vishay

In a significant development for the UK’s semiconductor industry, Britain’s biggest chip plant, Newport Wafer Fab, has been sold to US semiconductor firm Vishay for $177 million. The acquisition comes after the British government ordered the previous owner, Nexperia, to sell the majority of its stake in the factory to mitigate national security risks.

A New Owner for Newport Wafer Fab

Nexperia, a subsidiary of China’s Wingtech, acquired Newport Wafer Fab in 2021. However, concerns over the ownership structure and potential risks to national security prompted the intervention of UK lawmakers. As a result, the government mandated Nexperia to sell its stake in the chip plant.

Vishay’s acquisition of Newport Wafer Fab brings much-needed clarity to the future of the factory, which plays a crucial role in the production of semiconductors for millions of products, including household equipment and smartphones. The chips manufactured at the plant are especially prominent in the automotive sector.

Addressing Political Concerns

Announcing the acquisition, Vishay acknowledged the political concerns surrounding the ownership of Newport Wafer Fab. The US firm highlighted the potential applications of the chips produced at the plant and reassured stakeholders of its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of national security.

The sale of Newport Wafer Fab to Vishay marks a significant shift in ownership, with a US company now taking the reins of the UK’s largest chip plant. This move is expected to have a positive impact on the semiconductor industry in the country, ensuring the continued production of vital components for various sectors.

The acquisition of Newport Wafer Fab by Vishay not only secures the future of the chip plant but also demonstrates the global interest and investment in the UK’s semiconductor capabilities. As the demand for semiconductors continues to grow, this deal paves the way for further advancements and collaborations in the industry.

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