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Turnkey Internet delivers a powerful platform which’s perfect for hosting you website. Take advantage of this great deal now and launch your  website.
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Was 7.99. Our price 2.95  a month
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Coupons and special offers are limited to 1 per client, new orders only, and may not be combined with other coupons, free trials, or special offers. Coupons and special offers may not be used to transfer, upgrade, or renew from any existing TurnKey Internet service plan.

Offers above are priced monthly – there are no contract or term obligations required unless otherwise specified on the product page. Take advantage of an additional 10% off for annual subscriptions on most products, see individual product pages for specific offer details and limitations. (NOTE Dedicated servers already have annual pricing discounts reflected in the information above)

All discounts are for LIFE, as long as you keep the product active, paid, and the account in good standing your discount will apply for the life of the product you order!

To our loyal current clients: We do not like it when companies treat new customers with discount offers better than their loyal existing customers too! We have great news for you, purchase any new special offer deal today and we will add on ‘1’ free month of service to the new product for every year you have been a customer! Please be aware, you can not cancel or transfer from an existing TurnKey service at these special offer discount rates – but you can order a new service on these discount promotions and enjoy extra free months of service as a bonus for your continued loyalty!

Free months are added after your 12th month of paid service on the new plan you subscribed to during this special offer promotional deal. You may only sign up for ‘1’ new product or service at the discount rate, and you may not cancel or transfer an existing TurnKey service while maintaining the special offer discount promotional pricing. Account must be in good standing to qualify and maintain discounts and promotional offers.

   Ultimate Web Hosting :: SSD Storage, Gigabit Network, FREE IPv6
Unlimited Disk, Databases, Email$2.49/mo View
Unlimited Domains, Disk, Databases, Email$4.49/mo View
10 Unique, Dedicated C-Class IP’s$14.49/mo View
20 Unique, Dedicated C-Class IP’s$24.99/mo View
30 Unique, Dedicated C-Class IP’s$32.49/mo View
Server 2012, IIS8, MSSQL 2014, ASP.NET$7.99/mo View

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