Tomoro’s AI Agents: Reducing the Workweek to 3 Days

Tomoro’s AI Agents: Revolutionizing the Workweek

A UK startup called Tomoro is aiming to transform the traditional workweek by reducing it to just three days within the next five years. This ambitious goal is made possible through the use of AI “agents” developed by the company. These agents, which are essentially large language models, will act as robotic personal assistants, making decisions within defined boundaries. Unlike rule-based machines, these agents have the ability to reason, grow, increase their knowledge, adapt their tone, and problem solve.

Enhancing Productivity, Not Replacing Jobs

Founder Ed Broussard emphasizes that Tomoro’s mission is not to replace human jobs but to enhance productivity in the workplace. The company aims to integrate these AI agents alongside real people, leveraging their capabilities to accelerate workplace efficiency up to eight times the current rate. Broussard believes that AI is a societal shift as significant as the invention of farming and that it has the potential to revolutionize productivity in the workplace.

An Alliance with OpenAI

Tomoro has partnered with OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, to develop and deploy its AI agents. OpenAI recently made headlines with the departure of its CEO, Sam Altman. This partnership will enable Tomoro to leverage OpenAI’s expertise in natural language processing and AI development.

Securing its First Client

Despite launching just this week, Tomoro has already secured its first client, British insurance firm PremFina. This early adoption demonstrates the potential interest and demand for AI-powered solutions in the corporate world.

The Future of Work: AI and Humans Working in Tandem

While some believe that AI will eventually replace all jobs, Broussard envisions a future where AI and humans work together as partners. He believes that AI’s value extends beyond job replacement and has the potential to vastly improve workplace productivity.

Tomoro’s ambitious plan involves recruiting a world-class R&D team, behavioral science experts, and AI professionals to execute their vision. With AI agents as the driving force, Tomoro aims to redefine the workweek and shape the future of productivity in the workplace.

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