Threads Responds to User Feedback: Option to Opt Out of Facebook and Instagram Sharing

In response to user feedback, Instagram’s Threads has introduced a new privacy option that allows users to opt out of automatic sharing of their Threads posts to other apps, including Instagram and Facebook. This move comes after many Threads users expressed their dissatisfaction with the default setting of having their posts shared externally.

Users Demand Separation of Threads and Facebook Audience

Threads users were particularly upset about their posts reaching their family and friends on Facebook, as they preferred to keep their Threads audience separate. The automatic sharing feature caused an uproar among users who threatened to leave the platform if their posts were shared outside of Threads.

Quality Concerns with Suggested Threads

Another issue raised by users was the quality of the suggested Threads. Many felt that the suggested posts were clickbait lacking context or designed solely to generate comments. This further fueled the frustration among Threads users.

Meta’s Growth Strategy

Meta, the parent company of Instagram, has a history of leveraging cross-app sharing to drive growth for its products. By tapping into its billions of users across Instagram and Facebook, Threads aimed to expand its user base and re-engage lapsed users. However, the automatic sharing feature did not sit well with Threads users.

New Privacy Option for Threads Users

Responding to the feedback, Meta has added a new privacy option that allows users to toggle off the automatic sharing of Threads posts to Instagram and Facebook. To access this option, users can go to the Privacy settings in Threads and disable the “Suggesting posts on other apps” feature.

Opt-Out vs. Opt-In Approach

It’s important to note that the sharing feature remains opt-out, meaning users will need to manually disable it if they do not wish to have their Threads posts shared externally. This approach has raised concerns about Meta’s growth hacking tactics and the lack of transparency in announcing the new privacy option.

Threads’ Initial Success and Current Standing

Threads initially gained rapid popularity by leveraging its built-in Instagram audience and reaching 150 million downloads in record time. However, the app has faced challenges and reports of losing momentum since its launch. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, however, stated that Threads had reached nearly 100 million monthly users within three months of its release.

Threads’ response to user feedback by introducing the opt-out feature reflects Meta’s willingness to address user concerns and improve the user experience. Only time will tell if this move will help Threads regain its initial momentum and retain its user base.

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