Salesforce Appoints Denise Dresser as CEO of Slack

Denise Dresser Appointed as CEO of Slack


In a recent announcement, Salesforce has appointed Denise Dresser as the new CEO of Slack. Dresser, a long-time employee of Salesforce, brings a wealth of executive experience to her new role. This decision comes after the previous CEO, Lidiane Jones, stepped down to become the CEO of dating app Bumble. With her deep understanding of Salesforce and a passion for customer success, Dresser is well-equipped to lead Slack and navigate the challenges of integrating it within the Salesforce family.

A Bridge Between Slack and Salesforce

Dresser’s appointment as CEO of Slack positions her as a crucial bridge between the messaging platform and Salesforce’s suite of products. With Salesforce’s acquisition of Slack for nearly $28 billion in 2021, the company aims to find ways to integrate Slack more tightly while keeping it independent. Dresser’s extensive experience at Salesforce, including her role as president of Accelerated Industries, makes her an ideal candidate for this task. She has a proven track record of driving customer success and fostering innovation within the organization.

Keeping Employees and Customers Happy

One of Dresser’s key challenges will be maintaining the happiness of long-time Slack employees while ensuring the direction of the platform aligns with customer needs and Salesforce’s strategic vision. This delicate balance requires a collaborative and empathetic approach, which Dresser has demonstrated throughout her career. As a mentor and advocate for women leaders, she is committed to building high-performing teams and nurturing top talent.

Expert Insights

Industry experts view Dresser’s appointment as a positive choice for Slack. Ray Wang, founder and principal analyst at Constellation Research, commends her enterprise expertise and ability to align Slack with Salesforce’s industry strategy. Dresser’s background in enterprise performance management also positions her well to improve performance and drive success across the organization. Her leadership skills, commitment to values, and passion for innovation have inspired many within Salesforce.

Farewell to Lidiane Jones

As Lidiane Jones transitions to her role as CEO of Bumble, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff expressed his happiness for her and wished her well in her new position. Recognizing the opportunity for Jones to lead a public company, Benioff praised her and acknowledged Bumble as a company with great values that Salesforce admires.


Denise Dresser’s appointment as CEO of Slack marks an exciting new chapter for the messaging platform. With her extensive experience at Salesforce and a passion for customer success, Dresser is poised to lead Slack into a future of integration, collaboration, and innovation within the Salesforce family.

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