Instagram Introduces Custom AI Stickers, Filters, and More in Latest Update

Instagram has introduced a host of exciting new features in its latest update, including custom AI stickers and filters. Users can now create their own stickers for Reels and Stories using AI technology, thanks to Meta’s Segment Anything AI model. This innovative feature allows users to upload their own photos or videos from their Camera Roll or choose from eligible photos and videos on Instagram. The AI model enables users to easily “cut out” any object within an image with just a click, similar to the image cutout feature introduced with Apple’s iOS 16.

Creating Custom Stickers

The process of creating custom stickers is simple and user-friendly. When users point the app to a specific piece of media, the AI automatically highlights the photo’s subject. However, if the AI doesn’t accurately identify the subject or if users want to make adjustments, they can manually select the sticker’s subject. Once the selection is made, users can add the saved sticker to their Reel or Story by tapping “Use Sticker.” The new custom AI stickers can be accessed through the “Create” option, located under the sticker search entry box next to Poll, Add Yours, Quiz, and other options.

Other Exciting Updates

Alongside the custom AI stickers, Instagram has also rolled out several other notable updates. Reels now feature an “undo” and “redo” function, allowing creators to make adjustments with ease. Additionally, users can now scale, crop, and rotate individual clips, enhancing the editing capabilities of Reels. A new Media Clip hub has been introduced, enabling users to create memes by incorporating clips with audio into their Reels.

Instagram has also reintroduced photo filters for Posts, a feature that was once synonymous with the platform. These filters range from subtle color edits to more expressive styles, offering users greater creative options for their posts.

Enhanced Features and Metrics

Instagram has made improvements to several existing features as well. Users can now seek out trending audio and access the audio browser directly from the top of the Camera Roll. The Drafts feature has been streamlined, allowing users to rename drafts and schedule their posts. Additionally, users can now zoom and search their Camera Roll for specific photos and videos.

For creators tracking metrics, Instagram and Facebook have introduced a new Reels metric called “Replays.” This metric will be combined with “Initial Plays” to provide a total “Plays” figure, giving creators a comprehensive view of their content’s reach. Furthermore, creators will soon have access to an interactive real-time Retention Chart, which will display how many people are watching their Reels at any given time.


The new features are gradually rolling out on Instagram, but it may take a few days for the updates to reach all users. So keep an eye out for these exciting additions to enhance your Instagram experience!

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