Hatched Dating App Expands to the East Coast, Introduces Paid Features

Hatched Dating App Expands to the East Coast and Introduces Paid Features

Hatched, the unique and innovative dating app that replaces profile pictures with eggs, is making its way to the East Coast. After recently rolling out in Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Mississippi, Hatched is now set to launch in Virginia, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Boston, and Pennsylvania next month.

Unlike traditional dating apps, Hatched takes a gamified approach to matchmaking. Instead of swiping through pictures, users must answer personality-driven questions to slowly reveal what their potential matches look like. By answering questions and matching with another user’s responses, the eggshell gradually cracks open, providing glimpses of the person behind the profile.

Introducing Premium Features

In an effort to enhance the user experience, Hatched has launched a new in-app currency called “Yolks.” Users can now purchase Yolks to access premium features, such as the ability to “super hatch” or super-like a match. This feature allows users to express a stronger interest in someone and potentially increase their chances of making a meaningful connection.

A Deeper Connection

Hatched aims to foster deeper connections by asking thought-provoking questions that uncover character similarities. With a database of 500 carefully curated questions, the app delves into core values, interests, and character traits. By matching responses, Hatched believes users are more likely to find their soulmate and build a successful relationship.

A Unique User Experience

Once a match is made, Hatched continues to engage users through a step-by-step hatching process. Each question answered in sync with the other person unlocks a portion of their profile, including age, bio, hobbies, occupation, and “adjeggtives” or adjectives. The more questions answered in alignment, the more the profile is revealed, creating anticipation and excitement along the way.

Paid Features and Future Plans

While Hatched currently provides users with six daily matches, the introduction of the Yolks feature allows for additional eggs to be purchased. Users can spend Yolks to super hatch, egg on, or nudge potential matches, adding more control and engagement to the dating experience.

Furthermore, Hatched plans to launch a subscription model next year, which will include all in-app purchases as part of the subscription plans. The company also has plans to implement additional features, such as read receipts, alcohol use filters, political filters, and other match preferences.

Hatched, founded by Mitch Alterman, Sam Lukens, and Reeves Kissel, has gained traction since its launch on Valentine’s Day earlier this year. With 10,000 monthly active users and a month-over-month growth rate of 30%, the app has captured the attention of investors, raising $1 million in pre-seed funding.

Whether you’re tired of the same old dating apps or simply looking for a unique dating experience, Hatched’s expansion to the East Coast and introduction of paid features is sure to crack open new possibilities in the world of online dating.

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