Top 10 Questions To Ask Web Hosting Provider

Before you select your Web Hosting Provider, be sure you ask these 10 Questions first

Your website is your 24×7 store that offers sales, support and marketing across the globe. Your Web Hosting Provider’s job is to keep your web site always online, secure, and fast so that your potential and current clients continue to find and shop with you, and not your competitor.

Selecting a reliable Web Hosting Provider is crucial because when you site is down, people cannot get information or make purchases. Every minute your web site is down impacts your reputation and could mean losing a potential customer or make your business appear unreliable.

Choosing the right Web Hosting provider to fit your business needs can seem to be a large task with all the vendors and options on the market today. The Web Vibe has put together 10 questions you should ask before you select a Web Hosting provider to help make sure their services align with your business needs.

  1. Do they offer the latest Web Hosting Technology for both Linux (cPanel) and Microsoft Windows
  2. Is their Web Hosting Service Easy to Use?
  3. Do they offer free Web Site Migration assistance?
  4. Do they own, operate, and maintain the infrastructure – or are they just a reseller/wholesaler or middleman?
  5. Do they offer 100% Uptime – Do they Prove it and show it in writing?
  6. Do they answer the phone and offer expert support 24 hours a day?
  7. Do they have a transparent proven track record?
  8. Do they care about the environment?
  9. Do they offer enough service options and flexibility to handle your growing business needs?
  10. Do They Offer a Money Back Guarantee? Does the Rate Go Up Next Year Like Your cable Bill?

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