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It is a great idea to research before you choose a name for your blog or website. You want something that fits you, your business, your blog and is unique and will help you stand out in a positive way. Check out this article on things to think about when choosing the perfect domain name. If you need a little help in this area, check out Bust a Name. It allows you to type in some key words you want to use in your domain name and suggests available combinations. 

Since you have the perfect name, you now need to register it so no one else steals it. You can search for a domains availability here. You could choose to register it where you purchase your hosting package.  Another option would be to purchase your domain name separately from your hosting package, which some would say adds an extra layer of security but can also complicate things a little. If you want to register your domain separately from your hosting, we recommend using Namecheap for your domain. Their site is super user-friendly, and the prices are really affordable. If you’re just starting out, I recommend you keep things as simple as possible and take advantage of the free domain name with Bluehost.


There are a lot of hosting providers to choose from. Our recommendations is to try out Bluehost which is cheap and reliable. Hosting provider is where your blog “lives,” so it affects your site speed and accessibility. Support is also an important factor to consider when choosing a host. You want to be able to call when an issue arises and have it fixed right away to avoid blog and website downtime as much as possible.

There are a few hosting services that are popular out there which will live to expectations and of course we recommend you the best of them. If you’re just getting started and want an amazing combination of price, speed, and reliability, I recommend Bluehost. It’s a big company and there are more than 2 mil websites hosted in their cloud and shared hosting.

We wrote an article about some of our other hosting recommendations but if you want to keep things simple and get started right away, go with Bluehost.

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